How can we start with you?

Well, it is simple.After you have set the nameservers at your registrar, please forward  us their reply together with your contact details( company details also if it will be a business account). Then  we will create your zone, mailboxes and ftp in which you can upload your files, and write back to you. When everything is up and running you will receive an invoice(depending on which pricing plan you chose) and some passwords(we do not offer the possibility to change them) and you can make the payment.

What about invoicing?

After you decided which plan suits you, and everything is up and running we will issue the invoice for that month, or the rest of the days remaining. If for example, we start on the 21th of the month, there will be an invoice for the nine or ten remaining days. After this, we issue invoices , in between the 1th and the 5th, for the month in progress. If you have a valid VAT code (UE or NON UE), the invoices will be netto ( without   VAT ). On the other hand, if you are a private person or a small company, which doesn’t have to apply the VAT, we will have to apply the VAT on our invoices. 

Can I change my mind?Do you offer refunds?

Yes. If for whatever reason, within one week range, you are not satisfied with our services, we will refund you no questions asked(within two to five working days).We will kindly ask you only for a sincere feedback if you want to help us improve(not mandatory, of course). 🙂

Why can’t  I change my passwords?

As previously stated we are kind of security freaks so we only issue 24 digits passwords.People tend to be very reckless with their passwords and due to the huge amount of accounts one person has these days, we won’t take any risks on this topic.
You will not have to remember it because Chrome will do it for you or Safari or Mozzila and also Opera these days, so it is a good compromise please trust us on this.As for the e-mails passwords that is a trade secret and we will not talk about it here. 🙂

And if I still want to change my password?

If for whatever reason, you need to change your passwords, just send us an email with the subject ‘change my password’ and for which account it is needed(ftp or mailbox) and we will do it for you.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forgot your password just e-mail us with the subject ‘forgot password’ and the type of the account(ftp or mailbox) and we will reset it for you.

Do you consider building a tool for account administration?

If and when we reach our threshold, and decide to go above our targeted client number, it can be an option.But not the only one.