Hello world!

This website was born out of the necesity of migrating our very first client, from his previous provider. Being used to building websites from scratch, we had to learn how to migrate the database from Cpanel to our own servers, make it comunicate with the client, and tweaking the interface. To be able to do that we had to make a fresh install and see how it works.
Because we were postponing our own website launch since forever :), we said ‘Hei, why not?Let’s ,make this our very first website’. And we launched it without thinking twice.

From our new site to ns5.org

I was just about to start a fresh wordpress install for blog.vying.io subpage when I remembered: ns5.org, our first wordpress deployment was sitting arround for nothing.

So, voila, our new old blog came to life in an instant. 🙂

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