Who are we?

We are an estonian based company (zero bureaucracy and the accountancy together with rest of the papers are online) founded by two people from Romania who proposed themselves to change a small particle of the internet, for the better.

Why do we say ‘a small particle’?
Just because we can afford to take a maximum of 50 clients. Why only 50? Because we want to be able to offer premium services, and our human infrastructure doesn’t allow us to go above this number without compromising on something. If and when we reach this threshold, maybe we will take another small step. We will keep you updated on our blog.

What  are we good at?

We can build and entire web site from scratch no matter how complex it is(Node JS, Handlebars). We can host and help you with your WordPress site. We can proffesionaly manage Ubuntu servers. And we are obsessed with security. We make no compromises here, even if it damages our comercial relations.

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